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Live Stream Concert Review: Jimmy Eat World ‘Phoenix Sessions’ (Chapter X)

American rock band Jimmy Eat World is giving the world an exclusive live stream concert in a three-part series called, ‘Phoenix Sessions.’ Jimmy Eat World formed in 1993 with the original lineup, Jim Adkins, Tom Linton, Zach Lind, and Rich Burch. Jimmy Eat World is known for their Billboard mega-hits “Sweetness,” “The Middle” and “Pain.” With their recent groundbreaking album, Surviving, as we get to see the band play the record in its entirety. Stay tuned for upcoming live streams of Features and Clarity. 

It begins with the guys reminiscing on their last tour out of the country. It was their record release, and the first time doing one far from home. The group analyzes their discography from Bleed American to Integrity Blues. They express they had more focus and clarity on Surviving rather than Bleed American, which was considered to be a “kitchen sink” album. The band, also, praises their favorite artists like Motley Crue and introduces the viewers to the “Dr. Feelgood Challenge.” They listed Rage Against the Machine and Van Halen as other admirations. Before the performance starts, Tom quickly paced back to the stage while the band ends the preshow.

Jimmy Eat World opens up with their first track, “Surviving” off Surviving. They sounded like they did 15 years ago when I saw them live with Green Day during the American Idiot tour. The electrifying energy delivered through the screen. I felt I was in a crowd of countless fans, again. Each set had its own artistic design that connects to the chapter. Vibrant colors of blue and orange reflected the stage as Jimmy Eat World plays, it was captivating to witness. You get to see the members up close and personal. After playing all ten songs off Surviving, the show ends with a cliffhanger; a telephone booth. I always enjoy Jimmy Eat World, I like to say we all do. I would recommend seeing what they have in store for their upcoming shows of the ‘Phoenix Sessions.”

Tickets are still available for the next two streams!


  1. Surviving
  2. Criminal Energy
  3. Delivery
  4. 555
  5. One Mil.
  6. All The Way (Stay)
  7. Diamond
  8. Love Never
  9. Recommit
  10. Congratulations

Phoenix Sessions – Global Stream Series – SURVIVING – FUTURES – CLARITY – Tickets on sale now HERE. 


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