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Live Stream Concert Review: Jimmy Eat World ‘Phoenix Sessions’ (V)

Jimmy Eat World takes it to a new level in this Phoenix Session. It starts out with voices from fans around the world calling in to connect with the Mesa legends. The livestream of Futures begins with a telephone booth, an ode to the 2004’s masterpiece. Five minutes after two in the afternoon, the band kicks off with the first track, “Futures” with fluorescent light bulbs floating around the room.

Jimmy Eat World opens up with the first two songs off of Futures before Jim Adkins gave a shoutout to fans at home. He introduces them as a “professional rock band,” which gave all of us a chuckle. It was a breath of fresh air to have a laugh with the band. Jim made the viewers feel like they were in the same room at the same time, which proves he is still the ultimate frontman. “Work” and “Kill” followed before they played, “Drugs or Me.” “Drugs or Me” was a gut-wrenching performance that had everyone choking. The moment was hauntingly hypnotic and powerful.

The blue light shed on them as they played rest of the record. The highly anticipated live series comes to an end with “23,” leaving us with an image of a brick building. Is this another cliffhanger to their upcoming livestream? Let’s find out. There is still time to catch their final Arizona show, Clarity.

Tickets are still available here.


  1. Futures
  2. Just Tonight
  3. Work
  4. Kill
  5. The World You Love
  6. Pain
  7. Drugs or Me
  8. Polaris
  9. Nothing Wrong
  10. Night Drive
  11. 23

Phoenix Sessions – Global Stream Series – SURVIVING – FUTURES – CLARITY – Tickets on sale now HERE


Post by Christine Rios




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