LIST | 5 Rugby players who got in BIG trouble at school

Rugby players have to be responsible in the public, but more than one got themselves into trouble during their schooldays.

The stories range from the bizarre to the hilarious. Read on for more!

1. Billy Vunipola

The powerhouse back-rower was kicked off his school rugby team aged 11 for being rude and had to pen a grovelling letter, his PE teacher. The then prop insisted he would ‘improve my attitude’ after being reprimanded by Lloyd Spacey, his teacher at The Castle School in Thornbury, Gloucestershire.

Mr Spacey said he told Vunipola he was out of the team after the schoolboy turned up to training ‘in a foul, surly mood’ and ‘basically refused to do anything’. According to the Daily Telegraph, the next day Vunipola came into school with a letter saying: ‘Dear Mr Spacey, I am sorry for walking off Friday.


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