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Lions release official statement as 2021 tour hangs in the balance

The coronavirus situation both in the UK and South Africa is bleak at the moment, meaning the tour is unlikely to go ahead unless vast improvements are made.

“As you would expect, we are progressing with our plans based on the latest information available to us,” said Ben Calveley, The British and Irish Lions Managing Director.

“However, given the uncertainty that continues to be caused by the coronavirus pandemic both in South Africa, as well as the UK and Ireland, we are very aware of the need to make a timely decision on the best way forward; not least so that we can provide clarity to supporters booked to travel to South Africa next summer, or those thinking of making the trip.


“To date, the Lions Board has had repeated meetings to discuss all scenarios available and is in constant dialogue. It will meet throughout January and into February, if required, to review all relevant information and data. After further consultation with SA Rugby, we will update on the outcome of these meetings in due course.

“In the meantime, we continue regular discussion with our partners in the UK, Ireland and South Africa, including the British High Commission in Pretoria, the Irish Embassy and various government departments, to ascertain as much information as possible on this fast-evolving, complex situation.”

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