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Leeann’s Barndance 2019 – The Very Very Best Ever?

Darling West 17032019-07I said that the 2015 Barn Dance may have been the best post SXSW Barn Dance ever, but after yesterday’s event I may have to moderate this. Yesterday didn’t have the warmest weather, but it was around 70 F, and it was probably the biggest crowd I have ever seen there. On top of that everyone seemed super happy. Photo above: Darling  West and Leeann Atherton)

Barn Dance people 17032019-01The Post SXSW Barn Dance is a great tradition at Leeann Atherton’s place. It attracts a  big crowd,  many who went to her Maria’s TacoXPress Friday nights, plus many others South Austin friends, And also a contingent of Norwegians who have understood that this is the place to be the Sunday after SXSW is  over. There have  also been one or two Norwegian bands playing there ever since  2002, and I have been lucky to provide the bands for the event.

Barn Dance people 17032019-02This year Darling West represented Norway, together  with a host of other bands of different nationality Spain, Sweden, Germany, Austria and of course the US. The Barn Dance is music, dancing, eating BBQ and side dishes made by the participants plus beer and wine. Everybody are friendly, there is no aggression, and if Texas wasn’t that far from Norway, I would gladly spend a lot more time of the year in Austin, and then preferably in the neighborhood of Leeann Atherton.

Here are the bands that played at the  barn this year:

Suso Diaz

Suso Diaz 17032019-01

Suso Diaz 17032019-02

Rex Foster

Rex Foster 17032019-02

Rex Foster 17032019-01

Jon Langfords with friends

Jon Langford 17032019-01

Jon Langford 17032019-03

Jon Langford 17032019-05

Bror Gunnar Jansson

Bror Gunnar Jansson 17032019-01

Bror Gunnar Jansson 17032019-02

Emily Gimble

Emily Gimble 17032019-02

Emily Gimble 17032019-03

Ulrich Ellison & Tribe

Ulrich Ellison 17032019-04

Ulrich Ellison 17032019-09

Marie ChainMarie Chain 17032019-09

Marie Chain 17032019-06

Marie Chain 17032019-05

Darling West

Darling West 17032019-04

Darling West 17032019-05

Darling West 17032019-01


Nakia 17032019-01

Nakia 17032019-02

Nakia 17032019-03

Leeann Atherton

Leeann Atherton 17032019-04

Leeann Atherton 17032019-03

Leeann Atherton 17032019-02

Wood & Wire

Wood and Wire 17032019-02

Wood and Wire 17032019-01


Rubilators 17032019-01

Rubilators 17032019-02

Leeann Atherton 17032019-05Leeann Atherton

All photos are ©  Per Ole Hagen and must not be used without  written permission.

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