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Jude the obscure drops his fourth and final single of 2020, ‘Moments’ taken from his debut EP of the same name

Over the course of his still budding career, Jude the Obscure has made a name for himself as a purveyor of super smooth, jazz-hop vibes combined with elements of Rn’B and neo-soul. His eclectic sound and songwriting have gained him an ever-expanding fanbase and a crowd of over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone. From his debut single, ‘Strong Enough’ to his more recent releases, ‘Chapter 8’ and ‘Waiting’, Jude has gone from strength to strength, asserting his presence on the scene and making his mark on the world of contemporary neo-jazz.


Now, the South Manchester’s resident, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer, Jude the Obscure returns with his fourth and final single of the year, ‘Moments’ taken from his EP of the same name. In his newest work, Jude combines melodic jazz piano with classic hip-hop beats and a casually soulful vocal performance to create his spièce de résistance, the lead single from his debut, compilation EP.


“‘Moments’ is about hard work; about overcoming the hurdles that life throws at you; about coming out on top in light of the hardships we face in our day to day lives. It’s an anthem of resilience and perseverance – surviving your early twenties with ambition, aspiration and sanity intact is no easy feat. One way or another, we all find ways to cope with what’s going on around us, now more than ever.”


Brimming with emotive piano chords, uplifting lyricism and the most incredible,  luxurious sounding saxophone parts, Jude’s ‘Moments’ is a wonderfully composed and beautifully written song from the young musician. Despite its recent release, the track possesses a remarkably classy and timeless feel to it; you can imagine it being heard in a smoky, 1930’s New York jazz bar or even as background music in a trendy Shoreditch bar. 





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