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Interview: The Image Talks Musical Inspirations and Plans for The Future

The Image is a musical duo comprised of artists Watrcup and Franskiiz. The two have found success with their style that combines the elements of hip-hop, electronic, pop, and R&B. I was able to ask the duo some questions and find more out about them: 

1. Could you describe The Image and the type of music you make?

Honestly, this is such a tough question. When we think about what box we check we really don’t think we can categorize our sound. That’s the benefit of being a songwriter and a producer on top of being artists is we feel like our boundaries are limitless and we wanna check every box.

2. When did you both start making music?

Franskiiz has been playing violin since he was a child and Watr started writing at 16.

3. Was there a point where you decided to take music seriously and as a possible career?

We both always took it seriously from the jump which is why we work well together is because we know our potential even if we aren’t where we want to be at the moment. But it probably took on another level when we started working together.

4. How did you meet each other?

We met at a studio session in 2018. Fran was engineering a session for Watr and we both never really looked back after that.

5. You were putting out music together before becoming The Image, what made you decide to form the Image?

Honestly, we both were craving something different and powerful enough to give us purpose. This project was a great platform for us to really push each other with no limits.

6. How do you think your different musical backgrounds work together?

Fran’s approach is more polished it’s fundamental and intricate, Watr’s is more raw and out there that’s why we think our sound has such a unique balance to it because it brings together both worlds in harmony.

7. Who are some of your favorite artists?

Honestly, there are too many. We really these days appreciate all genres so it’s tough to narrow down consistent artists. Fran really loves Blxst right now and Watr’s been into The Gorillas.

8. Do you look to those artists for inspiration when making music or are there others?

Oh definitely, but there are also others. We both draw inspiration from everything we come in contact with but we just look for completely different things in the music we listen to.

9. What gave you the idea to sample Whitney Houston on “I’m Every Woman”?

Watr’s dad was playing it on Father’s Day last year when they went for a drive and when he brought it to Fran they both connected to it heavily.

10. How did you meet Durte Dom and make “All Mine” and “Give Me Something”?

We met Dom kinda how we meet everybody. Through our manager, Ox. He brought us up when they met and Dom was all about our vibe so we linked immediately. He’s turned out to be one of our closest friends since starting all of this and it’s been dope to see his growth as an artist as well. Those songs were all made off great energy, Dom brought such good life into the studio that we knew we needed some summer bops and those songs were really effortless. It was all the energy.

11. Are there any artists you plan to work within the near future? Are there any dream artists you hope to work with at some point?

We are doing some cool stuff right now with a bunch of artists and writers/producers, and it’s been awesome seeing different approaches to the craft. Honestly, we wanna work with people who we connect to. We have such a unique vibe when we work together that we only wanna be around those who come around with positivity.

12. What do you hope to accomplish in 2021?

A. We wanna get some of this music out! We have so many fire records just ready to hit the streets but patience is always the game. Definitely expect some new vibes you maybe weren’t expecting from us. 
B. We wanna get to know our fans more! There have been so many people hearing us for the first time who really support our message and music and it’s crazy to see how widespread our audience is becoming. We wanna get to know as many of them as we can and start to solidify this community we are all a part of.

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