Interview: Sergio Michel Talks New Animated Video “Subhuman”, ‘Tropical Depression’ Double-Album, and More

Concert Crap: For the people who couldn’t hear it in the back, or showed up late, can you please let us know who Sergio Michel is?

SM: Sergio Michel is a loud, fast, rock n’ roll steam roller, bent on making you laugh, cry and cheer all at the same time. 

CC: Sergio, how have you been dealing with COVID times for the past 12 months?

SM: I’ve ignored it and used this crazy quarantine time to focus on finishing my new album Tropical Depression among other things.  The day my tour with Soulfly ended was the day Covid lockdowns started happening. So, at least I got to finish my tour before everything went haywire. I also used the time to reposition myself and figure out my plans moving forward, which are ambitious.

CC: What have you learned in the past 12 months during the pandemic you didn’t think you would learn about? Music-wise, and about yourself?

SM: For a good 15 years, I haven’t practiced or rehearsed regularly. Just a warmup and go kind of attitude. I actually tried to play guitar for at least a few minutes daily every day, and the results are great! Also, I was always a DIY minimalist production-wise. This time around with Tropical Depression, I went all industry standard and I got the best sounding record I ever put out. So, I kind of broke out of my habits and it paid off.

CC: Your new song and video for “Subhuman” is fast, heavy, animated, and out of control. What can you tell people about this song and the animated video behind it? 

SM: Subhuman is a plausible scenario in the lives of many people in America. Barely making it or not making it at all on social services; maybe living paycheck to paycheck; losing everything because of one silly incident, etc. The video depicts a man who has a sick wife. The guy can’t get her medicine and tries to get a job, get insurance, and nothing. No matter how hard he tries, no one helps him and his wife dies over some dumb pill some beaurocrats kept out of his hands. Resonates today more than ever.  

CC: Can you sum up the 80-second song in 3 words?

SM: Sounds like CBGB’s! 

CC: Your new 19-song double-album Tropical Depression is releasing relatively soon. What can you tell people about creating it and the reasons why they should pick it up/listen to it?

SM: Tropical Depression is a concept album with realistic themes based on observations I’ve made over the years. 1st of which is how someone can live in a nice tropical place, have everything anyone could ever want, and still be miserable. Or how people are so obsessed with likes and views, they are willing to risk injury and death to get the perfect selfie. The world is on fire and I’m the troubadour that’s stuffing jagged truth bombs down America’s throats for the laughs and entertainment of others.

CC: What unique things do you have planned for the release of this double-album in the near future and when live concerts resume?

SM: This album will be toured, and I will find creative booking options for that. March 4th, I have an album release party in Palm Beach at The Kelsey Theatre. It will be a live concert and an accompanying live stream during the set. 

CC: When is Tropical Depression released and where can people stream and purchase it?

SM: Tropical Depression will be released on February 26th, and available on all online streaming solutions, all online stores, and also as a hard copy CD and limited double vinyl at ; which will also have a master quality download option of its own. 

CC: Why should people care about Sergio Michel?

SM: They should care because Sergio Michel cares about them! I only aim to entertain my fans and all audiences with an emphasis on bang for your buck and a unique concert experience. 

CC: Anything else you’d like to tell the lovely people reading this? 

SM: Lovely people. I am very appreciative you read this interview. I hope you can listen to Tropical Depression and come by my website and socials and say hello.

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Interview and post by Corey Kleinsasser




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