Interview: My Immortal Enemy Talk About Debut Album ‘Akuma’

CC: Who is My Immortal Enemy?

Steve: We’re a rock band that digs punk and metal. We write and play the music that makes us very happy, and we hope it makes others happy. If it only makes us happy, then that’s OK.

CC: How long did it take to create your newest album Akuma?

Steve: It was a long process because we began as a new band…so we had to first: find the right members. After that happened, we didn’t want to rush anything. Rather, we hung out and tried to become friends first. Because, in the end, that’s what matters. More than talent or drive, there needs to be a strong unit. There were a lot of sleepovers at our drummer’s house; all of us just jamming in his garage or watching movies together and yes… lots and lots of drunk Karaoke.

CC: What is the significance of the album title?

Steve: I noticed a trend in my lyrics on this album, a lot of which had to do with my inner battle with… you know… life. Anyone who says they don’t have those bad times or inner struggles once in a while is a liar. I was going through a lot of stuff at the time and these lyrics were angrier than any past album I’ve done. Akuma means devil in Japanese, so it just felt right. The battle between good and evil, and all those feelings you get deep down inside you.

CC: What is your favorite track(s) off the album and why?

Steve: I think the song “Dangerous” is one of my favorites because it just slaps the shit out of you within the first few seconds. There’s no intro like most songs begin with. No, this just starts with verse one… and it’s angry and hard and then, boom! The chorus takes a completely different turn. It’s kinda strange in a sense, but that’s why I like it.

CC: What are you hoping to accomplish after the release of this album?

Steve: Honestly, we just want to play shows. It doesn’t matter where. Just play as much as we can and meet as many new people as we can.

CC: Who is the album for?

Steve: It’s really for ourselves because we really don’t care who likes it. We like it. We had to write something we could play every night and not get sick of it. If others dig it, then that’s rad. But, you know, you gotta make music that makes you happy first. If you don’t, you are gonna be a miserable cunt after awhile.

CC: What bands would you like to tour with in support of Akuma?

Steve: I really think we’d do well with bands like Beartooth; you know, they’re more punk than anything else but they got this metal/hardcore vibe without sounding like a metalcore band. They are just angry fucks with catchy music. Everything they do is great.

CC: Why should people care about My Immortal Enemy?

Steve: I don’t think they should care. People should care about making sure they spend more time with people they love. Or care about their health. Care about making this world a better place. We are just a band. We play music and that’s it. If you care about us, then that’s pretty swell.

CC: Anything else we should know about MIE?

Steve: Our band hates crowds. We are a bunch of God damn introverts I tell ya! Oh yea, GO NINERS!

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Their new album Akuma comes out Friday, January 10, 2020.

Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser


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