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Inferno Metal Festival 2019 – Thursday with Dimmu Borgir, Witchcraft, Svarttjern and more

Dimmu Borgir 18042019-37The yearly Black Easter event, The Inferno Metal Festival, is on in Oslo. It started yesterday, with the first of four full concert nights at the Rockefeller Music Hall with bands playing on two stages for almost two thousand fans from all over the world. The headliner the first night was Dimmu Borgir.

Svarttjern 18042019-18Svarttjern

The Inferno Metal Festival is a gathering for the international metal family, with fans coming from Asia, Australia, South America, USA, Norway and the rest  of Europe. About half of the almost two thousand fans are from outside of Norway, all of them gathering to see some of the best metal bands and to be together with their friends. To me that is the perfect way to spend the Easter weekend, listening to good music and being with friendly people.

Dimmu BOrgir 18042019-01Gerlioz from Dimmu Borgir

What I like the best about metal festivals, is that the fans are  real music fans. They  have very clear opinions about the bands, knowing their music, and have no fear of stating their opinions. Even if I myself don’t know half of the bands I am seeing, I really appreciate this no-nonsense approach to music. And being a lover of live music – whatever style, as long as it is good – it is a real pleasure to see these bands.  Here are my photos from the first night at Inferno.

Dimmu Borgir

Dimmu Borgir 18042019-12

Dimmu Borgir 18042019-10

Dimmu Borgir 18042019-27

Dimmu Borgir 18042019-34

Dimmu Borgir 18042019-05


Witchcraft 18042019-02

Witchcraft 18042019-03

Witchcraft 18042019-01

Aura Noir

Aura Noir 18042019-03

Aura Noir 18042019-07

Aura Noir 18042019-05

Black Daliah Murder

Black Daliah Murder 18042019-08

Black Daliah Murder 18042019-05

Black Daliah Murder 18042019-03


Svarttjern 18042019-12

Svarttjern 18042019-14

Svarttjern 18042019-06

Svarttjern 18042019-16


Dimmu Borgir 18042019-30Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir

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