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Inferno Metal Festival 2019 – Sunday with Opeth, 1349, Carach Angren and more

1349 21042019-07The last day at the Inferno Metal Festival 2019 had a good variety of music styles. Prog metal from Opeth, black metal with lots of pyro from 1349, symphonic black metal from Carach Angren, epic black metal from Cult of Fire and blackened death metal from Archgoat. (Photo above: Ravn from 1349)

Carach Angren 21042019-08Carach Angren

The slight festival fatigue I observed at Inferno on Saturday had definitely struck many of the fans  on Sunday. Four days festivals are hard on most of us, and many from the Inferno crowd had started celebrating a day earlier, meeting friends and having a pre-party. But that is how it is and should be. Inferno is only once a year, and for many, this is the only time when they meet many of their friends.

1349 21042019-021349

The consequence of this was that the venue wasn’t as packed as the first two days, except for the two last bands, 1349 and Opeth. For 1349 the barricades in front of the stage were moved back a little bit because of all the flames and pyro, and this actually reduces the capacity of the venuee some. But in spite of a slightly lower over all attendance, the enthusiasm was just as good as the other days.

Archgoat 21042019-11Archgoat

That is one thing I do like about the metal fans. They are never indifferent to the bands, either they love them or they hate them. And they are usually highly educated in their band’s careers, the songs, which albums to prefer, etc. This is an attitude I miss at many other festivals with different music styles, where this year’s flavor often decides what is popular or not. So, thank you Inferno for another successful festival with many great bands and best of all, many friendly and good natured fans from all over the world.

Cult of  Fire

Cult of Fire 21042019-04

Cult of Fire 21042019-07

Cult of Fire 21042019-06


Archgoat 21042019-12

Archgoat 21042019-01

Archgoat 21042019-04

Archgoat 21042019-10

Carach Angren

Carach Angren 21042019-05

Carach Angren 21042019-02

Carach Angren 21042019-04

Carach Angren 21042019-06


1349 21042019-13

1349 21042019-32

1349 21042019-17

1349 21042019-09

1349 21042019-34

1349 21042019-03


Opeth 21042019-01

Opeth 21042019-03

Opeth 21042019-04

Opeth 21042019-02


1349 21042019-10Ravn from 1349

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