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In depth feature on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side in new Classic Rock Magazine

(number 303, cover date Summer 2022) of the magazine Classic Rock ( As you can see, issue 303’s cover stars are Pink Floyd: they bring you the story of the birth of The Dark Side Of The Moon. We hear (from someone who has an early, subscriber copy) that it is a nicely done article, with plenty of unusual pictures illustrating the twelve-page piece. Elsewhere in the magazine, they look at how Pete Townshend’s abandonment of a science-fiction rock opera led to The Who’s Who’s Next. Also how, after years of mud slinging, power grabs, law suits and general animosity, Journey somehow managed to make a new album. After more than a decade away, Porcupine Tree are back with a new album. Has their time finally come? Classic Rock finds out. There’s also all the normal features, including an extensive review section. You can order the magazine direct, worldwide, through this link (

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