Exclusive: Firing All Cylinders Talk New Album ‘Weaponized’

Concert Crap: For those who don’t know, who is Firing All Cylinders? What are you guys all about?

Rix Boker: Firing All cylinders represents the energy, aggression, with the spirit that rock and metal. Our music is a blend of Old-school rock soul with modern heavy riffs.

CC: Can you talk about the writing process of your new sophomore album Weaponized?

RB: It’s a different experience every time we go into the studio when it comes to writing. Some days we knocked it out fast, and sometimes it was the opposite. Some days we had a plan others we just made it up as we went. One thing for sure though is that we had a blast writing this record.

CC: How is it different and the same from your debut album

RB: This new record is more melodic than the last but it still has the balls and the fury of the previous record.

CC: Who is the album for? What can listeners expect?

RB: All the songs on this record talk about our life experiences and we feel these tracks can be very reliable.

CC: What song are you most proud of?

RB: We are very proud of all the tracks but light the sky, and Never Broken are the tracks that we are currently most excited about.

CC: What song are you most excited to play live?

RB: Never Broken. The song has a killer drive that we think the audience is going to dig.

CC: Who designed the album artwork?

RB: Matthew Upton and I worked on the album cover together. It was actually shot in the dirt of my back yard in the middle of the night.

Concert Crap: What can we expect for the future to support this album?

RB: We are definitely going to be putting out more music videos, and show dates.

CC: Anything else you’d like to say about the album or Firing All Cylinders?

RB: I just wanted to say thank you to all of our supporters. You guys mean the world to us. And a special shout out to Brandon and Jeremy at Wolfe Studios for all their hard work on this record. They made us sound better than we ever thought we could.

Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser


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