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Ex-Tottenham star names one player who will benefit from potential rule change

Former Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Paul Robinson has welcomed the decision to allow five substitutions in Premier League matches, in an interview with Football Insider.

What did he say?

With the Premier League aiming to return in June, it has been decided that sides will be able to use five substitutes in an attempt to ease concerns over match fitness.

Players have not featured since early March and with most sides needing to play more than 10 matches before the end of the campaign, extra changes will help with rotation.

Robinson agrees the change was needed and said it will benefit Spurs and Harry Kane in particular.

“It is going to help all clubs, ” he told Football Insider.

“Players will not have played for so long, an unprecedented length of time but they are not going to have had the usual preseason time to prepare for it.

“It will probably be three games a week for most teams so we need to do anything we can to help players.

“It is probably the longest Harry Kane has gone without playing football in his life. To ask him to play three games in a week would be far too much and you cannot risk these players breaking down.

“The five-sub rule will ease that and help players.”

Getting back to normal

With players having been out of action for around three months when the Premier League returns, adjusting to regular fixtures will be a real challenge.

As a result, the changes to the substitution rules make plenty of sense and will play an important role in reintegrating players back into the swing of things.

Given Kane’s injury record, the striker is certainly a player who will struggle to manage the strenuous workload and being able to rotate more will benefit both him and Spurs moving forward.

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