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Chelsea’s 3-year plan to overtake Liverpool & Man City: Blues to put ‘foot on financial peddle as others hit the breaks’

Chelsea, not Liverpool, land Timo Werner

While Chelsea and RB Leipzig have yet to ratify the transfer, in the last few days it’s become crystal clear that Liverpool pulled out of the race to sign Timo Werner, and the Blues have marched in to sign the 24-year-old German international striker.

Chelsea are reportedly set to pay around 53 million pounds for Werner. The fee was set by a release clause in the forward’s Leipzig contract.


Liverpool pulled out of the Werner deal for financial reasons

Jurgen Klopp spoke to Sky Sports Germany this weekend, and the Liverpool manager discussed how financial concerns forced the Reds to pull out of the Werner chase. Klopp said:

There are all sorts of rumours in England about who Manchester United are going to pick, Chelsea are going to pick.

It’s rather quiet here (at Liverpool) at the moment, I think it’s safe to say… At the moment, all clubs are losing money. 

Discussing with the players about things like salary waivers and on the other hand buying a player for £50-60m, we have to explain.


How Frank Lampard convinced Werner to sign for Chelsea

In the latest edition of the Ornstein and Chapman podcast from the Athletic, reporter David Ornstein went into detail over how Frank Lampard convinced Werner to join Chelsea.

When the opportunity arose as Liverpool withdrew, Frank Lampard had two in-depth phone calls with Werner. David Ornstein reported:

I found it incredible during one of my conversations… during Lampard’s conversation with Werner he was laying out a 3-year plan that Chelsea have.

It’s all geared around investment, and the opposite of scaling back because of the coronavirus crisis or any other restrictions. But actually piling money and intelligence into this project.


Chelsea’s 3-year plan to overtake Liverpool & Man City

When the Premier League was halted back in March, Chelsea were fourth in the table.

In Frank Lampard’s first season in the dugout, Chelsea are three points clear of Man United in 5th, while 5 points behind Leicester in 3rd.

Meanwhile, Chelsea are 9 points behind Man City, and a staggering 48 points behind Liverpool.

Yet, as laid out by David Ornstein, Chelsea have a 3-year plan to overtake Liverpool and Man City, and win their first league title since 2016-17. That plan is as follows.

Year one: Stabilise and forge a cohesive unit with a young squad.

Year two: Challenge for honours.

Year three: Win those major honours.


Chelsea will put ‘foot on financial peddle as others hit the breaks’

Blues fans have a lot to look forward to next season.

Months ago, Chelsea wrapped up the signing of winger Hakim Ziyech from Ajax. While the Blues are now inches away from confirming that Timo Werner has signed on too.

Moreover, the Blues are also closing in on Leicester City left-back, Ben Chilwell, according to the Athletic.

For David Ornstein, the next few months could be a “seminal moment” for Chelsea’s future as the Blues look to capitalise on their rivals during this global pandemic. Ornstein noted:

This is actually a moment when Chelsea are going to put their foot down on the peddle, whereas many people are putting their foot on the break. 

This could be a real summer of opportunity for Roman Abramovich. They’re going for it.


Listen to the podcast below

The discussion of Chelsea;’s 3-year plan to overhaul Liverpool and Man City kicks in after 24 minutes.


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