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Chelsea pushing for second key licence change from Government

Chelsea are pushing the Government to relax the license conditions that were imposed on them last week regarding ticket sales.

The Premier League and the Football Association are also in contact with the Government over the “integrity issues” created by the Chelsea ticket sale ban. The Government has placed the club under a special licence after sanctioning the club’s owner Roman Abramovich over his ties to the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The licence is designed to prevent Chelsea – and by extension Abramovich – generating any new revenue, including from ticket sales.

Chelsea released a statement on Monday afternoon saying they are pressing the Government for the right to sell tickets, and that the club are holding daily meetings to get the licence amended.

But the club revealed the Premier League and the FA have also raised concerns. They believe the licence will result in away fans being unable to visit Stamford Bridge. Or Chelsea fans to attend away matches, if the ticket had not been bought on or before March 10, when the sanctions were issued.

“We are pressing the Government to allow our supporters to have access to tickets,” the club statement read.

“Meetings are taking place daily in search of a resolution. In addition, the Premier League and FA are also discussing with the Government the sporting integrity issues raised if they do not permit fans to attend.

“We are aware of the high level of frustration our supporters are facing over this issue. And we are doing everything we can to resolve it as soon as possible.”

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Chelsea sale

The licence has already been amended since it was first imposed. The limit on matchday spending increased from £500,000 to £900,000. And the club have already insisted they will push to have it further amended in order for them to be able to operate as close to normal as possible.

The club said they were awaiting further updates from the Government regarding the sale of further tickets. Chelsea face an FA Cup quarter-final tie at Middlesbrough this weekend.

The UK government remains “open” to the sale of Chelsea despite imposing asset-freezing sanctions on Abramovich.

The Treasury would have to approve a new licence for Chelsea’s sale. But Russian-Israeli billionaire Abramovich would not be allowed to profit.

A host of parties have signalled interest in buying Chelsea. And Downing Street have now confirmed the Government could still oversee a sale.

A deadline of Friday has been set for potential buyers. Any interested parties must lodge their interest with New York Merchant Bank, the Raine Group, before March 18.

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