Artists You Need To Know: Brutus

Brutus is a fairly new post-hardcore female-fronted metal band all the way from Leuven, Belgium, and currently signed with Sargent House.

If you have not heard of this band yet, I STRONGLY advise you to give them a chance. (Video of “War” below) The band itself is a mixture between punk, progressive rock, and flat out RAGE, which, their latest album Nest, released early last year, will literally give you an exciting and immediate storm of goosebumps with how thrilling and powerful front-woman Stefanie’s vocals, screams, AND drumming skills are, as well as the obvious atmospheric yet sludgy guitarist and bassist.

It’s an extremely aggressive and controlling rage while being intensely beautiful that will absolutely shock and grab you by the throat. I mean that’s just the perfect mixture, right?

Stefanie, Stijn, and Peter teamed up to start Brutus in 2013. They all met while playing in different bands from the same region of Leuven, Belgium. In merging their different ideas and musical tastes they have formed a strong union, both musically and personally.

Photo: Geert Braekers

Brutus is:

 Stefanie (vocalist & drums)

 Stijn (guitars)

 Peter (bass)


Give Brutus a listen and tell us what you think! Have a band or artist in mind that you think we should feature? Let us know!

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