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Album Review: Redlight King – ‘Moonshine’

Redlight King released their new album, Moonshine, on April 24th. The opening track, “Lift The Curse,” starts off with a strong riff that continues through the rest of the song. This album immediately showcases the versatileness of Redlight King, jumping from a more country-influenced track to a softer, electronic sound on “Champion,” to a slower song with “Long Way To Heaven.” “Not Dead Yet” is a faster song that has a catchy ending that I’m sure would sound great live. “Until You’re Dead” is a song that I can imagine getting played on rock radio stations around the country. A music video for “Working Man” was released a few months ago, and you can watch it here. It’s a track full of powerful guitar solos. Moonshine closes with “Nobody Wins,” a really catchy song that is my favorite on the album. As a whole album, Moonshine is a great example of how Redlight King is able to flawlessly blend various genres of music to create a complete album.

  1. Lift The Curse
  2. Champion
  3. Long Way To Heaven
  4. Not Dead Yet
  5. Until You’re Dead
  6. Working Man
  7. Highwire
  8. Something To Die For
  9. Don’t Drink The Water
  10. Nobody Wins

Post by Anna Rhodes

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