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Album Review: Chase Atlantic – ‘PHASES’

Chase Atlantic‘s highly anticipated full length, PHASES is almost here! I was lucky enough to get an early listen, and all I have to say is: it is well worth the wait. 

The introduction track was something that I was not expecting at all, it doesn’t even strike me of something that this band would release, but I fell in love with it immediately. It’s super peaceful and vibey, and the second track, “ANGELS” compliments it nicely. 

If you’re looking for those classic Chase Atlantic saxophone parts, check out songs “NO RAINBOWS” and “HEAVEN AND BACK”. HEAVEN AND BACK is one of my favorites off the album just from the first listen. It’s a little more upbeat instrumentally and flows perfectly. It’s definitely a catchy tune. 

STUCKINMYBRAIN is another favorite of mine, the lyrics are great and the overall composure of the song is well done and quite honestly, sticks in your brain. 

Honestly, this entire album can be described as relaxing, chill, and vibey. Their first full length (which is incredible, check it out if you haven’t), is much more upbeat and energetic. Personally, I love both albums. 

Chase Atlantic’s album PHASES is available June 28. Pre-Order the album & merchandise here.

Post by Brooke Champine

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