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Aftershock Festival, Bands on the Rise

Sacramento California’s Aftershock festival is just around the corner and this years lineup is bigger than ever. Everyone knows the top bands of the festival, but I wanted to share Concert Craps favorite bands on the rise.


1. Blue Midnight

Blue Midnight are one of the newest bands on the lineup, hailing from Los Angeles. The female fronted rock due brings in a fresh sound reminiscent of bands like Evanesence and HIM. It’s the bands first year playing Aftershock and I recommend checking out the track Nightshade. Set time is 12:25pm this Sunday at The Monster Energy Stage.
Blue Midnight - 5.24.19 (48 of 50).jpg

Photo Credit: Alex Melgosa


HEALTH isn’t a band you want to miss. This noise rock band brings in a unique industrial sound that you can dance to. It’s great to see Aftershock bringing on bands with a different sound compared to the rest of the lineups genre.

Check out the track Slaves of Fear.

Photo Credit: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times


3. H09909

H09909 are coined as hip-hop but are known for their strange visuals, punk guitars and horror like music videos. This band has one of the most unique live shows, which isn’t something you want to miss.

Check out the track Bone Collector.


Photo Credit: El Hunt


Post by Alex Melgosa



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